Inmezzo, the last born among the restaurants of the Antonio & Antonio chain. A welcoming and reserved place that offers a rich menu linked to the Neapolitan culinary tradition. We will be able to surprise your palate

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A wide selection of local red and white wines and a complete list of wines from the best Italian wineries also offer guests the pleasure of a good drink, to accompany appetizers, first courses, meat main courses, side dishes and desserts in the best possible way
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A wide selection of Mediterranean cuisine dishes prepared with selected and quality raw materials. In the rich menu you can find fresh and excellent quality fish, seafood appetizers, but also grilled meat and fish, pizzas, first courses of sea and land and many delicious proposals to be enjoyed both for lunch and dinner.
Our proposals delight both the eyes and the palate


The sea that frames, the sun that warms the days, Inmezzo is the ideal location for a lunch in the most beautiful city in the world. And at dinner everything becomes even more impressive: the moon and the stars give the Naples waterfront another image to be experienced.

“There is no better scent than fresh tomato sauce with basil. It tastes of home, of happiness, of sharing ”Fabrizio Caramagna


Monday to Sunday at 11:00


Monday to Sunday at 00:00

``Love is like good food, special things always come from simple ingredients, but they are made magical by imagination`` Paul Mehls

How to

find us

Via Partenope, 29, 30 – 80121 Napoli NA

Gorgeous location, excellent service. Welcomed with two prosecco, we ate an excellent first course with seafood. Very kind waiters, they offered us an aperitif and a final licorice. Really highly recommended.


Attracted by the nice reviews we decided to go to dinner. We were greeted by friendly and helpful staff. We had different types of dishes (fish, pizza, mozzarella and dessert) and everything was really good: the excellent quality food is cooked perfectly.


Excellent location, we ate fried appetizers, pizza, beer, dessert. Good prices (around 22 euros each). Helfpul and nice staff. I will gladly return in the future.




  • Appetizers
    Montanara alla nerano: zucchine, crema di zucchine e scaglie di provolone del Monaco DOP - Gamberi mandorlati - Polipo all’insalata con arancia e noci - Tartara di ricciola - Tartara di salmone - Mozzarella di bufala e tartara di tonno - Scampi e gamberoni crudi - Sautè di vongole - Impepata di cozze - Sfizietto di mare fritto
  • Pizzas
    Margherita - Marinara - Bufalina - Vesuvio - Maialino nero
  • First dishes
    Spaghettoni alla nerano - Spaghetti cacio, pepe e tartara di gamberi rossi - Spaghettoni con tonno, pomodorini gialli, rossi e olive di Gaeta - Linguine scampo e gamberone - Linguine all’Astice
  • Catch of the day
    Pezzogna, spigola (branzino), orata, ricciola, dentice, scampi, gamberoni
  • Fish dishes
    Frittura di calamari e gamberi con insalata mista - Tagliata di tonno su letto di rucola e pomodorini - Misto di mare alla griglia - Salmone alla griglia - Cassuola di calamari e vongole
  • Meat dishes
    Maxi hamburger di scottona con verdure grigliate e patate al forno - Tagliata di manzo con rucola, pomodorini, scaglie e patate chips
    Babà a crema - Delizia al limone di sorrento - Crostatina a frutta - Pulcinella - Cheesecake a frutti di bosco, nutella o pistacchio - Ananas - Melone - Tagliata di frutta